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a podcast too?!

You want in on this. The 1 Broke Actress Podcast is a weekly podcast with professionals of all levels of the industry, like agents, actors (famous and soon to be!) casting directors, coaches, managers, and so much more.

Join me (Sam) as I interview the up-and-coming and the already-established folks in this insane Hollywood world. Since there is "no right way" in LA, I get their stories, their routines, their specific tips, tricks, and opinions.

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What people are saying...

This provides a space for things that are not commonly shared in the industry.

Whether you are new to the biz or have been at it for years, you will enjoy this.

Totally subscribed to the podcast and can’t wait to listen to all the episodes! I love the blog thank you {Sam} for all the advice and info and great stuff!!!

Sam’s insight into the business is a must for anyone trying to “make it” in acting or simply wanting to be entertained.

If you’re an actor trying to navigate this ridiculous and insane journey, start listening to Sam.

Thanks for starting your podcast. It’s really raw, truthful and encouraging at the same time.

I’m a habitual listener to this podcast, it’s my absolute favorite!
I am so excited to have found a podcast where I can get honest insight that strips away all of the Hollywood fluff and gets straight down to the truth about working in this industry.

I found so much value: from the self tape tips, to how you find creativity within your job, and the perspective about not detaching too much even though rejection is to be expected.

This podcast has helped me so much, even in Atlanta. I’m so thankful for it.