Pilot Season Pack

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Pilot season is always such a “thing”. Right? It’s kind of exhausting and usually way less exciting than it’s amped up to be. I’ve hit on it so many times over the last two years, so here is a roundup of some of the favorites of the past few seasons, and some extra tips at the bottom too!

All this being said, it’s important to remember this is a time that (regardless of the past) your reps will expect you to be O-N. This by no means guarantees anything will come of it, however, it’s such a good time to show up and show off in front of your team. Meaning, try and read script even if you’re not going in for them, have your profiles updated, answer your emails fast (and keep them brief), having the ability to self tape on VERY short notice, take care of yourself, stay healthy and on top of your “product”, and generally be ready to take on pages at a moments notice. And try very hard to let all this happen while stepping back and letting your reps do their part. That kind of teamwork during a busy time will do you a ton of favors later on in the year.

And enjoy it! The collective energy of TV now is so much more exciting than it’s ever been!

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