30 Day Self-Tape Challenge

Nope not a diet challenge! Not a fitness challenge! An acting challenge.

I don't know about you, but I love love love the creative side of getting an audition. Finding a voice, researching the show, all the fun stuff! But I will be really honest with you that once I get in the room, I can't connect if I'm not 100% on the sides


We've all learned from so many coaches "its not about the words, it's about the story". But sometimes...it is about the words. And if I'm at all nervous about going up on a line (if you haven't heard this before it just means forgetting the lines) I probably will. Also how amazing would it be to pick up pages and pages of sides and be good to go in 30 min?! It's a muscle and I need to be using it more. 

ALSO...who thinks they're amazing at self tapes? Because I am not. I either hardly care because "I'm not even in the room" or I get too precious with it and do take after take trying to be so perfect and not have a hair out of place at the same time. I'd love to take the pressure off of self tapes and make it simple, from hair/makeup/lighting to the work itself.

So with a recommendation from two coaches, I am going to run sides AND put them on tape every day for a month, starting this Sunday July 15th. Not only will I be flexing that rehearsal muscle, I will be working to understand my self tapes better. To be honest, I probably won't be posting any of these scenes. But the goal is to work every. single. day. I am however going to post a screen shot or a short clip to my Instagram story  every day too, as my "check in" of sorts. 


The immediate issues with this are obvious: I have a trip one weekend, a wedding the next, so much work, and not to mention finding someone to run lines with and tape with (honestly poor Caleb cannot take this every day haha)! But that's the real part about this, we all know these auditions come at the least convenient times and I want to be able to roll with them. So since these aren't "perfect scenes," anything goes! Facetime, Skype, self recorded opposite lines, whatever! The point is just to get it done.

Now here's the bold question...who wants to do this with me? We can start an IG thread for some support and rehearsal buddies, help each other out, and build up a solid month of nonstop work for ourselves! But this is not for the faint of heart...also if you want to follow along on IG and skip the work part, well, be my guest! Let's see where this takes us...

PS: I have files and files of old sides to pull from, but ShowFax (the place where Actors Access posts sides) is a great place to check out, along with any online website for acting classes or script writing!