So I need your help

You may have noticed a quite space on here in the last few weeks. Is that selfish to think that people notice when I don't do 1BA posts? Probably. 

Anyway, after I finished Season 2 of the podcast I was so very burnt out. I loved every minute of it (except the tech side....that shit blows, anyone at a media company want to bring me on? k tks) but I was exhausted. With the Call Sheet, the website, the podcast, social media, my jobs, etc I was deep in a hole of nonstop "homework" and wasn't sure how to dig myself out of it. So I just...stopped. I did nothing for weeks. 

It was awful. 

However, taking that time off from all this did help me realize a few things. First and foremost that I needed to find help organizationally and strategically. I needed to assess if all the things I was working on were making me happy and fulfilled or just...filled.  

I then lucked into the Actor's Salon mostly because I wanted to interview the head coach (Brian Pataca, look for him on a future podcast episode!) and figured I could learn a thing or two in the process. And here was my biggest takeaway: I have been putting a lot of work into a lot of awesome things, but there is one big thing I haven't been putting work acting career. And I think this happens a LOT in LA. We get comfortable, we have a shift in focus for a while to a money job or side project or family life, whatever. And some things fall by the wayside for a bit. That's totally fine and really normal! But finding your way back to the goals is harder than it looks in my opinion. 

I could argue all day how important this site and podcast have been to me and my career in the long run. But at the same time I had stopped taking class, wasn't submitting as much, or doing tangible daily work on my career. I had filled my time up so much to the extent I had not left room for my ONE BIG THING. Without even realizing it. 

So over the last month I have been refocusing. Yes, I cut my hair...but also I am trying really hard to find that balance of money work, acting work, and creative work (this right here). It's FUCKING hard (I even hired Brian ((mentioned above)) as my career coach, something I never expected but am already so happy about, I'll write about that later too). And I know everyone who's reading this is in the same boat. That's why I need your help. 

For the last year and a half, this website has been 100% me writing, posting, editing, etc with all my advice, stories, lessons learned, mistakes made, and honest to god truth about this industry. And I'm going to continue doing just that, with one addition, you. Yup. I'm recruiting guest authors currently and I want your stories, input, advice, tips, tricks, whatever! And I'm SO excited. 

I will be adding a page to the site exclusively for other actors and industry folks of all levels to contribute and feature their own blog posts. Below is the first submission form to send my way with whatever ideas you have and I will be in touch asap to get your article written on this site! Please share it with anyone you know who would contribute a voice/opinion/advice to this community!

Name *

ALSO even if you don't feel "qualified" to write a post, I'd love your questions, topic suggestions, etc (using the same submission form) because I will be using them in Season 3 of the podcast. More on that later.

So bear with me as I find my balance, post a little less often but with much more intention, and continue to share the awesome (and not so awesome) sides of this industry. I can't wait to see what happens next.