Get out of your head


If you have been keeping up with the second season of the podcast, you'll notice a subtle theme that seems to be arising...getting out of that me-focused space.

All out guests have said it in some way or another, the constant focus on ourselves that is asked of us in the industry is exhausting and totally draining. We spend so much time wondering if we should cut our hair, get new photos, lose 10 lbs, whatever. It become a toxic circle of self-evaluation. 

Yes, sometimes we DO need to sit back as analyze whether we're still maintaining our work towards our goals, that who we are and what we're doing are still in alignment, all that stuff. But the consistent nitpicking has proven time and time again to NOT be helpful. So what have a handful of our guests suggested in the past few episodes? 

Volunteering. This has some up time and time again and when you think about it, it makes perfect sense that this would be THE EASIEST way to get you out of your own head. Why? Because nine times out of ten, when you're volunteering it means you're doing sometime for someone or some place that is in need. And you have sometime {time} to give, meaning you're valuable. Validation + new environments...this should be every actors dream. 

When you were in high school, it was probably really easy to do some volunteer work because someone was organizing it and just gave you a time and place to be. As adults this is a little more difficult as we have less time to devote to non-monetary activities. But I think we all know now how valuable it is for us on several levels to spend time on soul-nourishing as opposed to back-nourishing. And there a some easy mailing lists you can be on that will give you exactly that, a time and place to show up for a soul-nourishing experience. 


Reading to Kids: I am currently a volunteer with this group (above) simply because someone else organized it. A co-worker got my fitness studio signed up and we commit to a few a few Saturday mornings. It. Is. Awesome. I get to meet, read to (hello, actors, I think it goes without saying that you should be an awesome out loud reader) kids of different age groups, and then hang out with them! Hear their own stories, make crafts with them, etc. I get to practice vocal skills and listening, I get exposed to new stories and experiences, and I get to see the most honest humans (children). So that alone should interest your creative-soul. But on top of that we help expose these kids to new words, phrases, accents, and our own culture. They leave smiling and laughing and so do I.  Here is a link to sign up at a local school. 

Midnight Mission: Did you know that the Skid Row population of LA rarely goes hungry? How is this possible? Midnight Mission is an organization that works towards educating, training, and empowering the LA citizens that are in need or homeless. They also readily work towards feeling as many mouths on the street as possible. There are a few organizations in and around downtown that do a similar thing, bringing prepackaged meals to the streets. Here is more info about them.

Walk and Wags: This is a great one if you love pups but don't have the capacity (or apartment rules) to allow for one. You need to do a short volunteer meeting to get going but they're great! Walking and caring for these pups helps them become more adoptable and gives them a new chance at life. Hello heartbreaker. Volunteer with them here. 

PS: if you're a German Shepard fan, this rescue also does weekly Sunday walks with their rescues!

Get out there and get out of your own head! Get new life experiences, meet new humans, make others life better. Nothing makes you grateful, fulfilled, and educated quite like volunteering.