1 {Broke} Anniversary


If you would have told me when I started 1 Broke Actress over a year ago that it would last this long...well I would have told you I have a drawer full of journals with about 4 entries in each that could prove you wrong.

I started 1BA because I was fresh off playing leads in two feature movies, was on unemployment because I had lost my job to be in those movies, and was being praised by everyone around me for how successful I was becoming. I cashed every government-issued check in secret while posting #bts photos from the last few months on my Instagram. I felt so alone and so fake. I also feared every day that went by without an audition because I wasn't "doing anything", and the days I did have auditions I would cling to every opportunity like it was Jack and I was blue in the face with my life whistle around my neck.

One of those days I spent on my living room floor 1/2 petting my dogs and 1/2 crying, I opened my computer and started to write about free time as an actor. I wrote for 4 days straight. I knew I needed to save these things somewhere online, so then I spent the next week crying about web design because I couldn't pick a font or color scheme (it's the little things in life...). Over two months later I had the courage to post it on my social media and stoping keeping my "little blog" a secret. I never intended it to be this. I just needed to not feel alone.

So today is the ONE YEAR anniversary of posting that original blog and I can honestly say I have never been so glad I did something so random (and time consuming). I still am not sure how to properly utilize an email list, am still working to move blog posts from my old site to this one because I couldn't afford a web designer, and struggle to "get the most followers" on the Instagram algorithm. But the support I got for being realistic about the industry and trying to help other actors has been off the charts. I cannot thank you guys enough. One day I'll be able to start a broke-actor scholarship fund or something tangible. But for now I just want to say thank you. So much. To all my incredible podcast guests, to all my friends who have dealt with me canceling plans to "write a blog post", to my boyfriend who's patience is unmatched (I'm sorry I made you take so many photos, but you've gotten so much better so this should be way faster now, also please don't break up with me), and especially to all my readers and listeners (actors or not) for every click, share, review, comment, email, etc. It is my life-force and has kept me going for the past year like you wouldn't believe. 


UGH ok. Cheese-fest over. To celebrate this event, I though it would be fun to share the top 5 most popular articles & podcasts over the last year. Check 'em out and let me know your personal favorites. And thank you as always for joining me on this insanely difficult adventure. 


Cheers! - Sam

Cheers! - Sam