My Monthly Product Placement: February

Taking you on an inside peak into my kitchen, my makeup bag, my TV watch-list, and beyond...I bring you the revamped (formerly "Stuff I'm Obsessed With"), My Monthly Product Placement

{Why the overtly obvious name? I hate when bloggers pretend they are giving you their "fav things" or whatever. Like, bitch I saw you open that gift on your Instagram stories! I legitimately what to show you stuff I love and have recently found AND maybe the occasional "friend of of the blog" addition. I'll be flat out honest on these too. I'm so transparent you can see the lines on my (yet to be sponsored but open to it) spray tan.}



Many moons ago I did a shoot for L'eclisse cosmetics. I have been really into this brand since then (check their social media, it's adorable). I've also been on the outs with my former love, Burt's Bees. It just wasn't cutting it in the lip department. L'eclisse new lip balm* is made of 7 ingredients I can pronounce (WIN), smooth AF and actually moisturizing (sorry Burt!) and is $5. You're welcome fellow broke actors. 

Trader Joe's 

Because TJ's is life. Not a food item this week, but damn, look at TJ's steppin' up their body section! Their new Rose Water spray is under-priced, smells like heaven, and feels amazing post-shower or gym. #NotSponseredButOpenToIt



Collagen protein is the new black. But my wallet is having some issues with the price tag of these high end powders. Thank you to Zinc Nutrition (season 2 podcast guest!) for introducing me to Great Lakes. This unflavored collagen protein has only one ingredient, mixes so well with hot or cold liquid, and is only $23 for the 38 serving tub. It has been on the market for way longer than other brands and has lasted the test of time (and fad diets) for a reason. 


Everyone has been asking about my recipe's on Instagram (I food prep as one of my side jobs and also general hobbies). So here is your monthly bite: Foe-Fried Chicken 


"Fried" Chicken 

Ingredients: Chicken tenders, almond flour, 2 eggs, garlic powder, onion power, salt & pepper.

-Set oven to 405 degrees. Whip 2 eggs with salt & pepper in a bowl, set aside. Stir together almond flour and spices (to taste) in a separate bowl.  

-Using tongs or forks, dip each chicken tender in the egg wash then dredge them through the almond+spices batter. Lay out on a rack or a greased oven pan.

-Bake for 40-45 minutes. For extra crisp, pop the oven to broil for the last 2-3 minutes!


LA Local

The Now (Beverly Blvd)

The Now (Beverly Blvd)

The Now is my new home. JK but I wish. This place is so gorgeous, simple, and relaxing without trying too hard. I popped in for a visit after a nagging muscle pain. The price for a 50 min massage is $65 flat (plus tip) and they do a damn good job. Like the Dry Bar for massages. 

What I'm watching  

Ozark {Netflix} A little late to the game, but damn this show is amazing. By far my favorite acting from Jason Bateman of all time. Also I used to live in Ozark, MO so that is a fun addition. 

What I'm reading 

The Dirt: the no-holds-barred autobiography of Mötley Crüe. Holy shit do these guys have some stories! A fantastic glimpse of not-so-old Hollywood and the behind the scenes of true rock star life. The photos tho...

Anything else? 

Obsessing over Apple Cider Vinegar + Sparkling Water + Lemon. Zinc Nutrition's Lisa Kara (again, yes!) got me hooked after our meetings. It makes digestion easy, keeps my stomach from bloating, and is an acquired delicious taste. Extra points: add a few splashes of ginger kombucha. And after sober-January, this has become my new More Fun Than Water drink of choice! 


*: a gift from the company. But it wouldn't be here if I didn't love it.