So you didn't have a pilot season...

Screenshot 2018-03-07 10.52.16.png

Pilot season. Oh what a tricky tricky bitch you are. 

Pilot season is like....decorating the entire house, buying and lighting the most expensive tree, cooking a billion Christmas cookies, leaving treats and a note for Santa...only to find out your Jewish.

We prep and push and beat the shit out of ourselves (in the gym, in class, and in our brains) and then sometimes nothing happens. Like the worst kind of nothing because we are TOLD there is supposed to be something. 

This isn't going to be a long post because honestly you have heard it all before. It's not your time yet. Patience. The parts just weren't for you this year. Pilot season is year round now!

However, you allowed to be frustrated. You are allowed to be sad. Whether you went out for a handful, you tested for something and it went to someone with more credits (or none at all...even worse), or you literally didn't have a theatrical audition between the last day of 2016 and April Freakin' Fools Day.

What you are not allowed to do it wallow. Woe is me. Shake that shit off immediately because it will permeate your skin and that sadness and thirst will emit off you when you get your next co-star audition...especially if it is for a show you series-regular tested for. 

Guys, it's ok. We are all ok. No one bled out on the table because you didn't get a reoccurring role on a terrible (and indeed there are some TERRIBLE) show for some network.

Puppies still exist and chocolate still tastes like chocolate.

Patience is an ART. Cliche yes. True? FUCK YES.