New Year's Not-So-Resolutions

2018-09-14 16:39:40.438.JPG

I have never been a fan of resolutions. That’s what I have always said anyway. It hit me a few weeks ago that I am actually a big fan of lists, new ideas, and trying new concepts for a short period of time…which I realized is almost the same thing as a resolution, just with a shorter commitment. And since I am prone to get bored and pick up new trends and ideas every few weeks, I’ve never done this at the start of the new year. Thus thinking I was exempt from the typical “basic bitch resolutions”….well jokes on me cause I am not!

BUT I will preface this with saying I jump from idea to idea and lifestyle to lifestyle SO often, nothing is signed in blood or written in stone, I just think these are cool ideas for us (oh yes, now you’re involved too!) to play with.

Let go of the stronghold on some structure.

Every time I hit a wall or feel defeated or lazy, I implement some new structure into my life. “I will workout before 9 am M-F!” “I am going to intermittent fast 4 days a week!” “I will journal upon waking every day and them immediately meditate!” STOP. As working actors, our schedule is not our own. We live on the whims of auditions, meetings, our day-jobs, acting class rehearsals, etc. No two of my days are alike EVER. So why do I keep trying to regiment my shit so much? I am letting it go. I am listening to my body, mind, and Google Calendar with a new lightness. Instead at the forefront of my mind and yours, I’d like to introduce a new idea: I will work out, eat healthily, and take time for myself and my creativity. And when that doesn’t happen I will be ok with it and try again. Woah. Easier said than done but that makes me feel a hell of a lot better than following some Instagram meals and fitness plan or forcing myself to journal when I really need to walk my dogs.

Treat my business like a business.

I have been using this book to track my auditions and I am starting a separate section to track workshops. It is a game changer, honestly. Finding trends in what I wear, remembering when the best parking is at an office, that CD assistant’s name and what I saw them for last, all these things have a noted impact on the professional level of your presence in an office. And going into meetings with your reps knowing your auditions and CDs is a major win. I also have a plan in place to get in a monthly workshop (I am very aware casting workshops have a lot of tricky stuff attached, but there are some legit places still offering good ones, I’ll get on that for you soon!). And I developed a system with my career coach to target specific ones and follow up before/after with them and their whole office…meaning I’m not just throwing shit at the wall here. I’m investing in my career. Which leads me to….

Have a real handle on my finances.

This podcast taught me so much about my actor finances and as I head into 2019 I am so ready to get it right. I finally understand what receipts to keep (honestly, can someone PLEASE start teaching that in school??), what % to save, and how to track my spending. Having a real budget that includes annual and non-monthly purchases (SAG dues, headshots, website renewals, etc) and knowing when these are due (add them to your calendar!) is so much weight off my back. That feeling of checking my credit card and seeing $300 unexpected charges? Yea…I’m done with that.

What are you focusing on? Having a plan for getting reps, getting regular income/day jobs, finding your true home space? I’d love to hear about it and the plans you have in place!