Stuff I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me


This whole website is basically a long list or items and stories I wish I had known about before this career got going. 

But here is a smaller more exact list of things I'm not sure will come up organically in my posts and I really wish someone would have told me about.

1. Slate Shots are important. If you don't know what they are, google them. And then have your friend tape you and add it to your Breakdown profile asap.

2. No one cares you can't find parking. It is so embarrassing to call your agent and tell them you're late because you didn't allot yourself time to put your car somewhere. It's everyone else problem too. Don't be that person.

3. Learn to fill in your eyebrows. It has changed my face on camera and I just started doing it a year ago. So much lost time...

4. When casting asks you in the beginning of your audition, "do you have any questions?" 99% of the time your answer should be no. This is not the time to have an eloquent character breakdown discussion. You should know how to pronounce every word {properly}, get every reference, not need immediate pre-audition direction, and have a plan for any physicality called for. The only questions I MAYBE ever ask: what is the framing? would you like to see one scene into the next or separate? (if there are multiple, but often times I just do what makes more sense).

5. Speaking of physicality, unless a casting director asks you to, do not fucking pantomime in an audition. 

6. Have a decently funny clean joke in your memory.

7. Have a story about your most embarrassing moment. Hot tip: My story is about my first date that ended in a movie theatre screen catching fire. It did not happen. But everyone loves it. You can lie, but you better do it well. 

8. You're not watching enough TV (this is a direct quote from a casting director).

9. Getting your haircut and colored from Groupon isn't a big deal, just do your research. 

10. You will miss good auditions because you're booked on something else or you're out of town. It will be ok. 

11. Don't wait to get gas. Just do it now, not tomorrow morning. 

12. You probably won't be able to afford anything "organic" for your first 2 years in LA. You're going to be ok. 

13. It's always worth the extra $1 to fill your meter up the whole way. Peace of mind has no price tag. 

14. Wear headphones to your auditions. Hearing someone else do the scenes through the walls is not helpful in the long run.

15. Always assume commercial and print auditions will want to see a close up of your hands. So take care of them. 

16. Speaking of, press on nails are surprisingly cute in a pinch. 

17. Have some close friends who are not actors and ideally not in the business at all. 

18. But also make friends with actors. They are cool and crazy and fearless individuals who can inspire you. 

19. But don't try and do this ^^^ in the waiting room.