Healthy Road-trip Recommendations

I LOVE road trips. I think they're so much and invigorating.  

Much like other travel, they can also be health-draining, exhausting, and a surprise budget burner. Caleb and I went on a long roadtrip for Christmas and if you followed on IG, you got a lot of these tips already. But I put them all in one place if you need them next time.  

Please ignore my totally unkept nails and hands...I did not factor in time for a pre-roadtrip mani...clearly I needed that anti-drying chloryphil. 

Please ignore my totally unkept nails and hands...I did not factor in time for a pre-roadtrip mani...clearly I needed that anti-drying chloryphil. 

Chlorophyll: This $10 bottle from Sprouts lasted me a few trips now. I put a dropper full (or two) in a bottle of water in the car. It tastes slightly minty if at all and is full of antioxidants and detoxifiers that keep me feeling much better in elevation and in dry climates. I've started adding it to my sparkling water at home too.  


Ghee+MCT to go: In an attempt to experience the fun local food (Caleb loved a "chicken fried steak omelet" he found) I try make at least breakfast quality, especially since you're about to sit in a car for a few hours. It's easier said than done when you wake up in a midpriced hotel starving and the "Free Fresh Breakfast" is a mixture of make-your-own waffles, bagels and pastries, and some eggs that may or may not have come from a bag. Coffee is almost always flowing though (thank GOD). So I take a big coffee (or two...don't judge) and add a packet of this to create a bulletproof coffee to go. I sip it along the drive to leave my body running on caffeine and healthy fat, and I'm not hungry for hours. Which leads me to...

Packing your own food: I hate most fast food joints. Apart from an In-and-Out or Shake Shack (which are always always jam packed). To avoid the car hunger and eventual hanger, I like to pack sandwiches, to-go salads (Trader Joe's has such cheap healthy ones!), and snacks. Hummus and veggies, mixed nuts, and Bavarian pretzels (not exactly healthy but a roadtrip isn't the same without a salty snack!) are some of my favorites. I like to make sandwiches with high fiber bread (or these high fiber crackers) and pack lots of water and sparkling water. A cooler bag and a bag of snacks is a staple in our trips and not only saves us money on crappy food but also saves us time in our drives. 

Audible Books: Nothing passes time like great scenery and great plot lines. Over Christmas we listened to The Disaster Artist and Ready Player One, both fantastic.  

Vitamins and Probiotics: Let's make it clear, you're not going to get your regularly scheduled food or exercise and will likely be staying in close quarters, using some gas station bathrooms, and maybe not the nicest hotels.  I don't take mult-vitamins in my day to day like but I do on trips! I also take B12, vitamin C, a non-refidgerated probiotic, and a multivitamin. I also take my charcoal in my purse everywhere incase of an upset stomach. 

Day after Christmas necessity. Even 15 min counts.

Day after Christmas necessity. Even 15 min counts.

Nike Training Club: You need this app. Traveling or not, this FREE app has a few hundred workouts that are simple and easily guided without the annoying coaching that sometimes comes along with workout videos. I use this during trips to get in a a quick 15-20 workout whenever I can, obviously I'm not making any big strides here, but it puts me in a much better mood and wakes me up out of whatever carb-fog I may be in. The body weight workouts vary from mobility and yoga to HITT training, all great for small spaces during travel.