The Best Travel Products

If you have yet to notice the theme, I'm on quite the travel kick right now. 

I have geared most of my August favs based on the stuff I have been using on vacation that have made my life simple and easy (and also made me not look like a deranged monster in my pictures). I use all this stuff in my day to day as well, if that makes this actor-ajacent and acceptable to you. Buckle up boys and sorry in advance, it's mostly girl-stuff this month! 

*You should also know I do not have any sponsors whatsoever. So this is all stuff I actually like.*

L'Oreal Total Repair 5

Let's start with this new shampoo/conditioner. God damn this stuff is good. I was on an all natural kick for a while but to be totally honest, my hair was dry and crunchy or totally oily, depending on the brand.  And as I like to wash my hair about once a week (out of kindness to it and general laziness) I needed something better. I snagged L'oreal Total Repair on a whim and freaking love it. It's not super fragrance-y, its light, and makes my hair softer than it's been in years. I have the travel bottles in my bag currently! 


Brow Precise from Maybelline

I spent a few weeks considering micro-blading my eyebrows. And then I looked at the price and the horror stories and immediately moved on. Insert several products here. This one is a game changer in the brow testing that is my life. The brush has tiny little hair-like filaments that you flat-brush into your brows. It can be natural or dramatic depending on how much you want to use. This way there's not much shaping responsibility on your side, thus making my makeup routine about 10 min shorter and Caleb's patience as we check out of the hotel about 30 min better. 

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm (in Rose)

Hydration is key on long trips (we've done a LOT of local beer tasting) and so is not looking totally gaunt in my selfies. This tiny tube satisfies both sides. I love the color, it's cute but not so colored it can't be worn on it's own. And it's super smooth. Also it won't show up on your glass like a lipstick, which looks so lame on those sexy european cappuccinos. 

Quip (toothbrush & paste)

I am known to be an over-brusher, meaning I brush too much and too hard. Who knew! But this is the most gentle electric toothbrush I've ever used. It's battery powered, have a 2 min simple self timer, comes with it's own holder that turns into a travel case (!!!) and comes with it's own paste and travel paste. They automatically send you a new one (and a new battery, and pastes) every 3 months, the exact dentist recommended time to change your bristles. Gotta love a subscription! I tried to get them to sponsor me but they never responded. Lame. But I love it too much not to share. So here is my way too long coupon code if you want to save $5! I recommend a copy/paste....

Code: sam84067202719

Let me know if you try any of these or have any other items I can test out for next month! Back to beer drinking, cheers!