My Favorite Podcasts

God I love podcasts so much. They are a thing of the future and past at the same time. 

Nothing kills car time like learning a new health trend, how Bravo picked it's new shows, or just hearing about someone else day and not having to talk back. I've done all the classics, This American Life, Serial, S-Town, etc. I can't get enough.

So here are my current Subscribed podcasts in no particular order, and tell me yours! I am always looking for more! 

PS: I have yet to get into the video-podcasts, it kind of ruins the magic for me of the old time-y radio shows (and versatility).


That's So Retrograde

If you haven't met the ladies of That's So Retrograde, you gotta get on board. They are new age goddesses (one of which is actress, one of us!!) who talk to crystal healers and psychics and all sorts of green-juice style folk. Except they ask them the legit questions and make the jokes we'd all want to make. They are real and hilarious and I have learned a lot from them. Not your average yogi-pod. 

Namaste Listening. 

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The Tim Ferris Show

Regardless of your feelings of Tim Ferris, you have to admit he is a one man machine. He has over 4,000 reviews for gods sake! Not only does he totally self produce his pod, he talks to the best of the best! He alone is more knowledgable than I think I will ever be, but add in his top tier guests discussing how to perform at the top level possible, and you have hours of advice you need in your life. 


Straight Up With Stassi

When I am looking to zone out and just listen to a soul-sister, I turn up Stassi. You know her from Vanderpump Rules (and if you don't, it's honestly my favorite reality show ever, you should check it out). And she is so damn real. I love nothing more than someone being unapologetically themselves. Some eps have guests, some are just her talking about her day. I find it relaxing and pretty hilarious. 


The Skinny Confidential Him &Her

 If you're into blogging, this is a must. Lauryn Everetts is the creator of The Skinny Confidential and her hubby is also a badass entrepreneur. They have that honest couple-vibe I like a lot.

They also feature guests who add to their arsenal of social media advice, business tips, and general marketing. Also: This is where I learned about my ice roller you see on my Instagram so much :) 


The Bitch Bible

 Oh the Bitch Bible. God I love her so much. 100% not PC and doesn't give AF. 

Jackie Schimmel is your best friend's Jewish cousin who has better shoes and funnier jokes. She often reviews Bravo shows and a great deal of them I don't even watch but enjoy her commentary regardless which tells you a lot. Her pop culture references are on point, her "you're so cute I could physically assault you" death threats to her dog are my life in a nutshell and all the while she is often recording from her car in Calabasas and commentating on El Pollo Loco's recent menu additions. Gotta love anyone keeping it this real. 


The Lady Gang

The Lady Gang (formerly the Fempire) is Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek talking shit on Hollywood and interviewing people in the process. I love it.

The first time I heard Becca (an actress with quite a resume) introduce herself as "Becca Tobin, unemployed actress" I knew I was in love. These ladies chat with elites and locals alike with everyone from Ryan Murphy to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Their Facebook Group is also cool as shit and they are active in it which makes it even better. 



1BrokeActressPodcast Logo.jpg

1 Broke Actress Podcast

If you think I'm going to leave my own podcast off this list, you are high. 

With the teaser out on iTunes and Sound Cloud, I am so proud of this puppy. I interview a shit-ton of people from the entertainment business and get the low-down on what they are doing, how they do what they do, and why in gods name they're doing it. 

The 1 Broke Actress podcast starts next week and I expect if you've made it this far you are going to f-ing subscribe!! 

A few honorable mentions I love but didn't add above: Script Notes (directed towards writers but has invaluable info actors can utilize as well), Revisionist History (from Malcolm Gladwell who's books you have 100% read), My Dad Wrote a Porno (the funniest podcast maybe ever),Pod Save America (you need to know what's going on in the world) and of course This American Life. 

I NEED more recommendations! (I walk a lot of dogs and spend a lot of time in my car...) Add yours below please and thank you! 

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