1.2- Sean Crampton: Improv, Making Your Own Work, And Finding Routine

Rise and shine kiddos! In this week's podcast episode, guest Sean Crampton shared his morning routine. If I know anything, it's how freaking hard it is as an actor to have any thing close to a normal schedule. 

Between multiple side jobs, actor work, and life....you kinda feel super busy and unproductive at the same time. 


So let's tame the crazy and use his example to see how we can find some sanity. I'm definitely willing to give it a try...

Screenshot 2017-12-16 13.38.15.png

Maybe this isn't 100% your jam. Sean spends a great deal of his time writing and that may not be your thing...it definitely was not mine before this site.

No worries at all. 

Here is a small list of "modifications" I made to change it up when you give it a go!

  • Pick an app, like Headspace to make the meditation time more structured. 
  • Opt to run your lines out loud (not mumbling, OUT LOUD) instead of the standard vocal exercises. 
  • Free writing can be done on a computer or a journal, maybe a post it note and you toss it away afterward. The idea is to get your creative juices flowing (and kill time before coffee, because, duh). 
  • And as for working artistically, this is so open ended. Watch a new pilot, rehearse a friend's audition, write a blog post, etc. The options are really endless here. 
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