The Best Agent Gift Guide

Usually when you open a gift guide you get "Gifts under $20!" or that kind of thing.

We're going to do it a little differently here.

Todays Agent Gift Guide is going to be set via how close you are to your reps AND how big the office is. It makes such a big difference!

♥Big Office/Not Super Close with your Reps♥
-Gift Cards. They fit everyone. And you can get them as small as $5-10. It doesn't seem like much, but have you ever been handed an Amazon gift card and been mad about it? See, told ya.

-Wine/Beer Selection: If your office doesn't have any AA members, bringing in a BevMo assortment is nice and crowd pleasing.

-Pressed Juices: you probably heard this on Sara's podcast, these are more commonly enjoyed by a female audience, but a great option if you do indeed have AA or health conscious office teams.

♥Medium Sized Office/Mid-Level Love♥
Maybe 5-8 people you feel the need to give to and you guys text sometimes, This is where you need to start to get specific. So instead of just another gift card, get them something personalized. Is there a local business your the crew frequents? For example Smith and Tait Coffee is off Santa Monica in WeHo. They have special Coffee Coins instead of gift cards. How much cuter would these look with a card than a run of the mill (much less delicious btw) Starbucks card! Extra Credit: deliver them with a fresh batch of coffee. Cold brew coffee growlers (also a S&T speciality btw) are a sure fire win.

♥Small Office/Mid-Level Love♥
If your agent or managers office is small, like 2-3 people, a catered lunch is pretty inexpensive. Corner Bakery makes pre-made lunches, Lemonade is a great healthy choice, TenderGreens, etc. This is actually a great gift if you don't have time to bring it into the office. PostMates your team an order with a mix of options from a restaurant and set it for delivery at noon. Make sure your office is still open though! Some close mid-December for the holidays.
PS: this is a great idea during pilot season as well when offices are too busy to leave their desks.

♥One Rep/Not Super Close♥
If you have a manager who doesn't have a team, maybe just one assistant or secretary, it feels tricky, I think the catered food idea or coffee idea above is great regardless, but you can also do a set of something, like skin care (please not Bath and Body works products...ever...) or grooming. As long as it's not one of those Walgreens gift sets, it's way more personal when you put it together yourself.

♥One Rep/Super Close♥
If you're one of the lucky folks who are tighter than two peas in a damn pod with your agent or manager, Let's make it special. Think of something they want OR something they use often. For example: you can order a masseuse to come to the office for an hour and do at-desk neck/shoulder massages (Soothe app is great for that) for a great price! Maybe your agent gets her nails done every two weeks on the reg, you can go to her salon and pre-pay for her next gel mani. Or your manager has a personal trainer you could buy a session from. You get the picture. If this is beyond your price range, I would also recommend a really nice (emphasis on NICE) candle. It sounds cliche, but a nice soy candle is always appreciated and a nice "I took the time to buy you something that didn't come from Target" gesture.I like this brand a LOT and they are way inexpensive but totally look it. 

Things I would avoid...

-baked goods: if you listened to Kristen's podcast, you know this already. Unless its the creme de la creme of treats, this stuff (even homemade) is a dime a dozen.

-flowers: a nice gift during the year, but around holiday time most people are traveling and these will wilt and die super fast. Save your money,

-lame pre-made gift baskets: one year I bought a bunch of individual items and labeled them why my agents needed them with cute sayings, like Advil "because I like to call you a lot", a face sheet mask "to relax during pilot season" and a small bottle of champagne "to celebrate our next booking". That went over well. But pre-made Hallmark era gift bags are kinda lame in my opinion.

-donating to a charity on their behalf: yes this is a very kind thing...but I will be honest that I have heard agents say they think it;s a cop out. Let them pick their own charities and you give them something tangible instead. I think products that also give back are great though!

Also if you don't have time to deliver them yourself that is totally fine. Everyone knows the holidays are fucking nuts. Just leave a kind and sincere note thanking them for their work and time.

At the end of the day don't break the bank and don't sweat it if you don't have epic gifts. Honestly, if it comes down to choosing between your acting class and buying your agents a gift, I guarantee your reps would much rather you book them a job than give them a gift card. If that's the case, write them a heart-felt card and leave it at that.

It's the thought that counts...mostly ;)

Actor-ishSam Valentine