2.8- Maddy Curley: Hollywood Bodies, Finding Your Strength, and Making Your Dreams Happen

Maddy Curley is a badass babe (no but for real, she'll kick your ass and then deadlift it too). She joins Sam to talk about the wild ride that brought her to LA and then following up that big budget Disney feature with the ride of a career in Hollywood. Maddy shares how she eventually made her OWN movie happen (step by step!). She also really opens up about the realities of the body image of this crazy town.

Stuff we discussed in the podcast

My Former CrossFit Article

Maddy's Favorite Acting Book: 

Michael Kane's Acting In Film

Maddy's Favorite Acting Classes:

Actors Salon (John Kirby specifically) 

John Rosenfeld

Aquila/Morong Studio


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