2.2- Emily {Actors Tax Prep}: Everything you need to know about taxes as an actor


2.1- Emily: Actors Tax Prep Show Notes

I learned SO much from Emily! Here are the things we covered together:

-claiming ALL income

-keep records

-keep notes

-April 17th Tax Day

-1099 Income and Cash income: Schedule C form

-Filling out tax forms on set

-what to do if you get audited

-how the new tax plan affects us 

-can/can't write offs! 

-filing for out of state taxes

-how to take out your agent fees

And here is all the links we discussed in the podcast! 

Evernote: THE best note, form, etc keeping system I know! Yours truly uses it daily!

Business License: if you live in LA and make money via 1099 or your own income, you have to have one of these (you've seen the hanging in nail salons I bet!) but it's chill, they walk you though it and are shockingly helpful via email. 

Hollywood Reporter Article about new tax plan: We discussed this great article that really goes into how the new tax plan affects us. It's a read worth your time!

Actors Tax Prep: And of course here is where you can find Emily and the whole Actors Tax Prep family. Here is Craig's email as well as a first contact for new accounts! craig@actorstaxprep.com