3.6- Amanda Payton

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Today I am joined by long time fan of the show (blushing) Amanda Payton! She opens up and gets really real with us about her transition from Carnegie Mellon to professional acting in LA (hint: it did not go as expected) and how the first few years were marked with moments of unrest, indecisiveness and…waiting. Amanda shares how she went from her bartending-networking to real nose-to-the-grindstone work of her own, setting up her own email systems to get attention before showcases, how that led her to meetings, and how her confidence from this process got her the best manager she could have asked for.

Along the way she also shares how she dealt with the down side of this business: being dropped by managers, being told she was too old with too few credits, and losing days on sets due to script rewrites. As well as the up-sides: the best advice she was ever given, how she studied herself and her own personality to move from co to guest star, how stopping partying and starting working saved her from her self, and how a one line costar audition shaped her current career trajectory.

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