3.5- Brian Patacca {Acting Career Coach}

Brian Patacca, actor and career coach, is up today sharing SO MUCH incredible info on the business of our work, how to keep your energy clear and give yourself the RIGHT kind of “self-care, and the universe’s role in it all. WHAT. Yes. That good.

Here’s a preview of what we cover:

- how he went from wildly successful actor to realizing that wasn't working for him

- how he manages people's energy all day

- how to deal with the actor's hustle, and why "say yes to everything" makes him think, “bitch who said that needs to be slapped!"

- dealing with finances  

- advice for meeting with reps

- advice on networking

- advice on reels

- WHY we're actors

- the universe/god/wtf ever and why it matters for us

2018-10-20 13:31:03.471.JPG